Acqua-e (Invest-e Group)

We’re an Engineering Company specialist in urban & industrial wastewater treatments with our state-of-the-art VRT® 4.0 technology: an eco-sustainable “on site” solution, suitable for any biodegradable effluent.

Our DsM2 low-cost high-profit WW management model offers a scalable business model, with very high economic, environmental and social benefits & returns (IRR > 25% ; DPP < 3 y; VAN +++).

Great savings compared with conventional solutions:

  • CAPEX up to 75% – OPEX up to 45%
  • 85% less surface area required
  • 95% less GHG emissions & final biosolids
  • Irrelevant landscape impact (odours free)
  • Current bootstrapping funding, 600K€

Funding to build and operate 3 validators:

  • Agrifood industries, 300K€
  • MARPOL+Ballast Waters, 300K€
  • USA market, 400K€


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