We are a Startup with technology base.

We work for different sectors, like social, wharehouses and traceability for primary sector.

We have prototipes for every sector and nowadays we are starting the commercialization in the traceabiliy for the primary sector in Canary Islands.

In Canary Island we have a prototype working in a banana plantation one year and a half ago.

In the social sector, we have a prototype of guided for blind people



Mouse4all is an assistive product that allows everyone to use an Android tablet or smartphone entirely, without touching the screen: WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, Internet, social networks, games or any other app. It improves the quality of life of the persons who use it, increasing their autonomy, privacy, and personal development. Our users can now communicate with family and friends, anytime, anywhere.

It is suited for persons with a severe physical disability resulting from cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, ALS, neuromuscular disease. Mouse4all is composed of an Android app and a connection box, enabling using an Android device with switches, a trackball or a joystick.


Singular Devices Maker Studio

KusiBot Switch is an inclusive educational robot that allows interaction with the environment to those who have severe difficulties of physical control,receives instructions through a Bluetooth controller, which is connected to an assistive switch to use a scan control mode, or different types of sensors and accessories.

KusiBot is being validated with users with cerebral palsy in the association ASPACE-Seville, and in the CEE NADIS Barcelona.

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Software de traducción de lengua de signos a voz y viceversa en tiempo real.


Despedir y dar sepultura a los nuestros seres queridos que se van para siempre de este mundo de una forma más positiva



DoWe transforms the culture of the companies though space using what we named as emotional architecture.

Our methodology creates ecosystems & workplaces for startups in growth phase helping them to scale in a structurated way without losing the agility and the company culture.

For corporates, we help them to create a new corporate culture so they can adapt to the new ways of work and the requierements of the new work world.


Kisuna Garden

Lack of nature in the cities. We design wellbeing spaces to facilitate people to connect with nature and to feel better (using japanese and zen gardens as a tool).

We design spaces for hospitals, schools, prisons.