According to the World Health Organization, +285Million represents the number of visually impaired people around the world. that’s why we made pathfinder, Pathfinder will be the eyes and nerves of the visually

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we make possible the same-day delivery for retailers

SCIO Holding GmbH

The SCIO Business philosophy is rooted in the combination of the genius of classical electronics with mass printing and innovative bonding technologies.

This innovative adaptation of existing production processes opens a world of opportunities to newly design and present electronic products and product characteristics in an innovative and technically advanced way.

It’s the way to make plastics intelligent.

Processes developed by SCIO within the last years are the base to a cost effective and environmentally friendly rollout of electronic foils (e-foils) with unique product characteristics and integrates intelligence into plastics to address markets like Advertising, Lighting, Automotive, Medical Diagnostics or Energy Harvesting.

Pollen Robotics

Our vision is to make robotic product development as accessible as online publishing is today. Our aim is to power the social and personal robotic revolution.

Today robotic companies have vertical models, they source, conceive, build, mass produce and distribute their own robots. This is a high cost and high risk endeavour that put the brakes on innovation and on the exploration of new markets.

We have conceived a disruptive modular robotic architecture, called Luos (, that makes robotic product development much simpler.

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We target the needs of managed solution providers and their end user customers (hotels, bars, restaurants, retail, education, etc.) with a cloud-based multi-vendor Software for Wi-Fi networks management.

Our competitor are the providers of wired and wireless LAN infrastructure (Cisco, Aerohive, HPE, Juniper, etc.).


Quantum Electric Oy

Pain. Electric vehicles have only a 0,12% global market share of the automobile industry. Adoption is limited due to short driving ranges, power losses and poor driving efficiency.

Product. QE Drive powertrain is a disruptive permanent magnet electric motor with an integrated digital gearbox. The innovation is the modular stator coil structure that saves manufacturing costs and creates a digital gearbox (e-gear) in the motor itself. USP.

Extended driving range up to 50% and increased driving efficiency from 40% to 97% due to enhanced regeneration technology. Competitors: Bosch, ZF Group, Continental, Magna, Schaeffler Group. Round of funding. 2nd round. Investment applied: 3 M€. Use of funds: Commercialization and market entry.



XpectralTEK is a high-tech company that provides solutions based on computer vision including automation and spectral imaging, expanding our sensitivity range from visible spectrum to a broader range that of UV and NIR.t.