Problem: current health diagnosis is not located at frequent customer visit points, which makes prevention almost impossible and leads to expensive treatment when illness discovered.

Service: diagnostics network built from beauty and massage therapist experts using innovative diagnostic devices with embedded AI. Our plan to go public with our service in February 2018.

USP: we provide leading edge methods and devices to transform beauty specialist to diagnostics specialist and health consultant. First round of funding. 180k EURO for 3 customer acquisition specialists (one per country) for 10 months.



medmesafe is the first online platform for genetic screening and video-appointments by healthcare practitioners. With us, anyone could know their risk to develop certain diseases with a strong genetic component, and (counselled by a medical doctor) being able to proceed in advance to improve their health and well-being.

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Adan Medical Innovation, SL

First eHealth integrated digital solution consisting of a medical device and mobile APP for epinephrine autoinjectors (2.000M€ market and growing), solving all the issues reported by patients in anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction) management: drug monitoring, distance from autoinjector (prevents forgetting it) and automated emergency protocol with video-instructions and alert to contacts & services with GPS location.

In addition, we’ve developed a Smart Box for public spaces (similar than AED: 10.000M€ market), “anticipating” the legal trends of epinephrine in schools, restaurants…

We’re in a 440.000€ round with Capital Cell (preindustrialization and regulatory approach) and are looking for a series A of 3.5M€ to launch our products.



SEP Solutions

New parents, especially first-time parents, are increasingly looking for guidance and information to help alleviate parental concern over the child’s health and well-being, resulting in them increasingly seeking for medical advice also when not completely warranted, thus adding further strain on the already overloaded public healthcare services.

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Synovo GmbH

Synovo GmbH is a German-based SME pharmaceutical discovery company focused on synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry and formulation, in vitro and in vivo pharmacology, and pharmacokinetic bioanalytics.

Synovo collaborates with public sector and with biotech partners in several projects, and it offers pre-clinical services to other companies or enterprises. Synovo’s setting-up includes: chemical facilities for chemical synthesis, peptide modification and pharmaceutical formulation; animal facilities; cell engineering, in vitro assays and in vitro screening; bio-analytics laboratory including 3 mass spectrometers coupled to liquid chromatography systems; and offices for business management and drug development planning.