Binfluencer Colaboraciones S.L.

Brands and agencies are increasingly using influencer marketing to promote their products and services.

In fact, according to Forbes, in the US, 75% of brands will use influencer marketing this 2017 and influencer marketing is expected to become a market worth between $5 and $10 Bn by 2020. Yet, brands and agencias are spending a lot of time to identify the right influencers to promote their brand and to measure the ROI of these campaigns.


Rookiebox S.L

We are looking for investment for open market like USA, LATAM and NORTH of Europe.

Local publishers are struggling to secure advertising revenue as up-to 70% goes to a few international behemoths….

Adsdaq has built a platform allowing local/national publishers to sell their advertising space in a simplified and unified way on a single platform, creating scale for buyers and advertisers. We believe in the need for a free and diversified press and we believe in the right for privacy of the end users.

Therefor local/national publishers need to have the same appealing selling proposition as the major’s in terms of scale, ease of use and product offering. Our platform is marketed in Belgium and Holland under the names and

We want to accelerate the roll-out of our platform in different EU countries.



Content Creation and Monetisation SaaS around Movies&Series



Bimads is the last minute of the advertisement offline. We have agreements with the main communication companies in Spain ir orden to resell their unsold inventory. Our clients can buy those unsold inventories with discounts above 90%