youshow is the pioneering social-media video marketing company leveraging smartphone–shot video sharing into real–time social media advertising



① Problem
If there is a picture on the menu, the customer will understand it quickly and the order time will be faster. However, it takes a lot of time and money to take pictures, design, and make.

② Solution
We have three platforms : one for filming, one for designing, rest are marketing platforms. Usually, it takes about a week to take a picture, design it, and produce it after receiving confirmation. However, we are making a new platform which we can create menus in one night and two days using existing templates and stock images.

③ Experience
We started the company in August 2016 and we have actually conducted about 800 filming, 300 design and manufacture, and 100 marketing operations over the past two years.


Despedir y dar sepultura a los nuestros seres queridos que se van para siempre de este mundo de una forma más positiva



EUROCOINPAY permite a usuarios y negocios el que puedan pagar y cobrar cualquier producto o servicio a través de cualquier criptomoneda en cualquier establecimiento físico o digital del mundo.

Nos caracterizamos por ser la primera plataforma que ofrece al usuario la posibilidad de pagar con cualquier criptomoneda, incluida la propia de la compañía (ECT), en cualquier lugar y/o negocio local o global del mundo mediante la tecnología más potente de la actualidad. Ethereum ERC20+IOTA-TANGLE

El segundo propósito es ofrecer financiación a startups donde, tras pasar un filtro previo de calidad, se invite, en una segunda instancia, a que los inversores de la comunidad participen en su financiación con sus EUROCOINS.


Tennis Commander

We offer a whole new level of information in tennis: using a smartphone camera to detect the movements of players on the court and wrist sensing provided by a smartwatch, enables our teams’ experience in data analysis to provide an interpretation of data to offer users a higher level view of the game;from strategic support to comparison with player’s comfort zone,to physical performance analysis.

All in real-time.A new level of analysis comparable to the ones offered only in major professional events by using expensive fixed infrastructure. We developed a prototype(demo app)featuring this innovative solution. We want to consolidate the preliminary successes and recognitions,and fully spread our product. Need around €100.000