Mobile financial services for banks, telecom operators

wBunker Security System

Solve the need of asking for help in any situation around the world. The user can ask for help without unlocking the phone. The App is on Apple Store & Google Play “wBunker Security System”.


Wrs financial

Los emprendores no poseen financiamiento de rápido y fácil acceso en República Dominicana y menos en personas de escasos recursos.

Wrs apoya a estos emprendedores financiando sus proyectos para que creen redes donde reparten internet en comunidades de alta vulnerabilidad

Normas de Internet

Legal and Data Protection solutions to websites and startups, Technology solutions and digital transformation to law firms


Eyedius Technology, Inc.

Eyedius was founded as a high-tech security product in 2017, May. However, its R&D workings have been progressing by 2014. Eyedius provides smart security and retail solutions by usign image processing. Eyedius controls the areas with face recognition, human & object detection techniques. Its accuracy rate is more than 99,87% and algorithms are totally improved by Eyedius. Eyedius’ customers can control the database by adding custom scenarios.

*Eyedius has also improved the facial biometric solution to access mobile bank that is the first application in Europe for Global Bank.

**Eyedius is the winner of İTÜ BigBang Startup Challenge in 2017 (Out of 12.000) Contest is also top 10 startup event in the world.



Travel is stressful to finance, & as a result is out of reach for many. flywallet alleviates the financial burdens of travel making booking a trip fast & easy.

flywallet calculates how much money users should set aside & allows them to book for only a fraction upfront so they can pay the remainder in flexible installments before their trip.

Users can even share they flywallet so others can pitch in. Our MVP has early adopters in 5 different countries.

(Competitors: Airffordable, Tripcents) flywallet assists it’s users from the moment they start saving until they spend in a foreign country, & lets users store check-in information, all in one place. We have raised $25000 and are seeking $50,000 to improve our tech and for legal expenses.



Advanced CyberDefense Solutions based on Threat Intelligence Appliances



TEGÕ es una empresa que presta servicios jurídicos especializados en materia de Propiedad Industrial e Intelectual -marcas, nombres comerciales y nombres de dominio, invenciones, patentes, diseños industriales o derechos de autor-, las Tecnologías de la Información y Comunicación -privacidad y protección de datos de carácter personal, comercio electrónico, aplicaciones, software, videojuegos o seguridad de la información y de Consultoría de Negocio -estrategia comercial, fiscalidad, facturación, contabilidad o gestión de impuestos-, entre otros.



Security Software Development focused on Security at Application Level