Emprende SDQ

We offer events for entrepreneurs, investors and companies to strengthen the collaborative and networking strategies connecting Dominican entrepreneurs with international markets thanks to the alliance with the European Institute for Entrepreneurship in Madrid and London.


Accessible travel agency, we provide tourism solution for all people offering transfers, accommodation, inclusive activities and technical solutions. Also, we are consultants and trainers specialized in universal accessibility.



LOCALTERMINAL is a fast growing Smart Mobility Platform, aiming to achieve a sustainable and low impact form of transportation through a collaborative and eco-friendly travel platform, which facilitates the organization of collective transport as an alternative to the use of private cars.

To solve these inefficiencies LOCALTERMINAL offers:
– For travelers: Eco-efficient Social Trips from your town, with dynamic prices (more travelers mean lower prices) and a system of smart stops (pick-up points selected by travelers).
– For events and travel destinations: A Hub of Social Trips with multiple routes to facilitate the arrival of travelers from other locations in a sustainable way.



DETTUR es una plataforma de Oficinas Virtuales de Información Turística enfocada a municipios del Medio Rural.

La falta de información completa de los propios municipios y sus respectivos establecimientos y la falta de promoción de sus recursos y de campañas publicitarias no hizo crear una herramienta de búsqueda, sencilla de manejar, con información completa y actualizada.

Cada municipio cuenta con su propia oficina virtual con
– Galería de imágenes del municipio,
– Todos los establecimientos del sector geolocalizados para que el turista no tenga problemas de cómo llegar (restaurantes, alojamientos, etc…)
-Calendario de eventos y festividades
-Museos, centros de interpretación, etc…



Solution of FTTR to the hotels-Fiber to the room. IP TELEVISION-IP PHONE