Master Innovation Achievements

The third main dead cause in Europe and one of the main dead causes in the world, I am talking about the identification methods that sanitary entities use. We will change the sanitary card identification to a finger print identification, this will give to sanitary entities an efficient and an effective tool to identify patients all over the world. “Even if they are unconscious”. Our company has another working area, we touch up the information that sanitary entities and pharmacies have by using a Machine Learning technology and we save it on a Big Data platform. This will give to doctors an effective tool to prescribe medicines based on the value data obtained from the Machine learning process. This is the sanitary system of the future



youshow is the pioneering social-media video marketing company leveraging smartphone–shot video sharing into real–time social media advertising



The amount of data today is massive in comparison to analysts/journalists and generated content. Unfortunately insights, visualizations & dashboards lack the context needed for quick understanding. They also take too long to adapt to changes and more importantly incur high generation costs, especially at scale.

Narrativa reporting & content products bring quick understanding of data, to better align businesses and inform customers. The core, GabrieleAI, understands context and what is relevant now. It generates smart content in real-time using Natural Language Generation.

Our solutions are helping businesses in Finance, E-Commerce, Media & other verticals through a B2B SAAS business model.



Gestoy es un aplicacion web y movil que ofrece todas las funcionalidades necesarias para la gestion de una empresa de manera interna y con proyeccion al cliente final, conectando todo en tiempo real y ofreciendo la oportunidad a todas las empresas de 0 papel y aglutinar toda su informacion en un solo website accesible desde cualquier lugar y desde cualquier dispositivo.



People want to save, but don’t achieve to do so. The reasons behind this phenomenon are: lack of financial product knowledge, lack of access to customized financial assessment and lack of simple tool enabling to save.

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Visibilizar/representar con mi producto al target con mayor previsión de crecimiento y consumo en la actualidad



Accessible travel agency, we provide tourism solution for all people offering transfers, accommodation, inclusive activities and technical solutions. Also, we are consultants and trainers specialized in universal accessibility.



We solve amputation cases in pets by creating animal prostheses. We already have some prototypes and at this moment we are validating our business model throught lean methodology.