Master Innovation Achievements

The third main dead cause in Europe and one of the main dead causes in the world, I am talking about the identification methods that sanitary entities use. We will change the sanitary card identification to a finger print identification, this will give to sanitary entities an efficient and an effective tool to identify patients all over the world. “Even if they are unconscious”. Our company has another working area, we touch up the information that sanitary entities and pharmacies have by using a Machine Learning technology and we save it on a Big Data platform. This will give to doctors an effective tool to prescribe medicines based on the value data obtained from the Machine learning process. This is the sanitary system of the future



People want to save, but don’t achieve to do so. The reasons behind this phenomenon are: lack of financial product knowledge, lack of access to customized financial assessment and lack of simple tool enabling to save.

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wBunker Security System

Solve the need of asking for help in any situation around the world. The user can ask for help without unlocking the phone. The App is on Apple Store & Google Play “wBunker Security System”.


FamousGadget Lda

FG is an IT base-tech and its main business core is to create disruptive software, such as SaaS, using investment partnerships as support and launch them after gain maturity as Spin-offs.



Plataforma de Tickets de Streaming.



In a highly competitive and fast changing business world, competitors can emerge from anywhere. Agility is key for companies who want to lead the market, and there is no time to loose when looking for the best partner.

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Tennis Commander

We offer a whole new level of information in tennis: using a smartphone camera to detect the movements of players on the court and wrist sensing provided by a smartwatch, enables our teams’ experience in data analysis to provide an interpretation of data to offer users a higher level view of the game;from strategic support to comparison with player’s comfort zone,to physical performance analysis.

All in real-time.A new level of analysis comparable to the ones offered only in major professional events by using expensive fixed infrastructure. We developed a prototype(demo app)featuring this innovative solution. We want to consolidate the preliminary successes and recognitions,and fully spread our product. Need around €100.000



Hoonter’s product solves the problems and shortcomings that candidates have when engaging in typical HR recruiting process, and in which they find it particularly difficult to relay information about their talent to potential employers because these processes are characterized by i) interaction through a set of limited, suboptimal, ‘traditional’ tools (CV/resume and references/cover letters) and ii) many low-value, ex post, information checking/confirmation activities rather than productive interactions about the added value that the candidate’s talent brings to the job opportunity.