Emprende SDQ

We offer events for entrepreneurs, investors and companies to strengthen the collaborative and networking strategies connecting Dominican entrepreneurs with international markets thanks to the alliance with the European Institute for Entrepreneurship in Madrid and London.


The amount of data today is massive in comparison to analysts/journalists and generated content. Unfortunately insights, visualizations & dashboards lack the context needed for quick understanding. They also take too long to adapt to changes and more importantly incur high generation costs, especially at scale.

Narrativa reporting & content products bring quick understanding of data, to better align businesses and inform customers. The core, GabrieleAI, understands context and what is relevant now. It generates smart content in real-time using Natural Language Generation.

Our solutions are helping businesses in Finance, E-Commerce, Media & other verticals through a B2B SAAS business model.



Visibilizar/representar con mi producto al target con mayor previsión de crecimiento y consumo en la actualidad


Paythunder S.L.

PayThunder is unlocking the next data revolution within both Media Communication Sector and Fintech verticals through the application of ultrasounds, bots and holograms to the areas of payments, loyalty, KYC and audience real time tracking & interaction. Has been selected as the Top European Fintech Platform by SIBS PayForward Challengue in 2017, Top 10 BBVA Opentalent Worldwide Challengue in 2016 and also selected in 2017 to Impulsa Innovacion from RTVE the biggest spanish media content creator around the world.


SANTA helps our customers (institutions and individual lecturers) digitalize and deploy their off-line classes into on-line space via automatic publishing technology..



Plataforma de Tickets de Streaming.