INTROSYS is specialized in the field of creating turnkey solutions for assembly lines in the automotive industry.

As a leading systems integrator company, developing projects in this sector from Mexico to China and in major automotive assembly plants in Europe, Introsys always tries to keep up with the latest developments regarding the Factories of the Future and the new Industry 4.0 Revolution.



According to the World Health Organization, +285Million represents the number of visually impaired people around the world. that’s why we made pathfinder, Pathfinder will be the eyes and nerves of the visually

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Aircraft inspections are a bottleneck for MROs, firms engaged by airlines to maintain aircrafts.

Such inspections are currently manual and time-intensive.

With Dronything, automated industrial drones combined with precision sensors scan the aircraft fuselage and feed the images collected to an image processing software which generates a report highlighting all defects.

This market is new and competitors small. Our USP is the technology which brings 365 deg coverage of the aircraft with sensors more precise than current solutions. Prototype work has begun and we aim to run our first tests at the Teruel airport in late Feb.

We are looking for €400.000 to fund hardware orders and software dev, and are in talks with two potential clients.


Pollen Robotics

Our vision is to make robotic product development as accessible as online publishing is today. Our aim is to power the social and personal robotic revolution.

Today robotic companies have vertical models, they source, conceive, build, mass produce and distribute their own robots. This is a high cost and high risk endeavour that put the brakes on innovation and on the exploration of new markets.

We have conceived a disruptive modular robotic architecture, called Luos (, that makes robotic product development much simpler.

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Start-up Company to develop innovative aerospace solutions. Currently developing “microfirex” unmanned aerial vehicle, fully commercial vehicle for advanced logistics, SAR and humanitarian mission to be tested in 2018. This vehicles is the demonstrator of the project Nitrofirex, whose objective is to develop an innovative drone to achieve the operative capacity of the nocturnal extinction of forest fires demonstrating the capacity of an unmanned aerial vehicle to discharge a significant percentage of its weight at a point in the atmosphere and continue its controlled flight.