Broiler farmers are under triple pressure to produce more volume at ever lower prices while providing increasingly better health and welfare for the animals.

Faromatics is creating a disruptive, pat. pend. robot that balances animal welfare with farm productivity.

After successful field tests in 2016, we will release the first units at the end of 2017; producers of 250m chickens p.a. have signed Letters of Interest.

The company has very good growth potential with break-even in Q1 2019 and sales reaching 7m€ by 2020, 15m€ by 2022 and 41m€ by 2024, mainly driven by expanding from the EU to China, Brazil and US.

Faromatics is looking for 200k€ from an investor to fund our European sales efforts. A 1st round of 390k€ was concluded in 05/17.


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