PROBLEM: There are no platforms or ecosystems that provide a complete kit of tools and a proper environment to organized and manage a project effectively and efficiently.

Online softwares are useful, however projects lose tracks, communication and productivity, increasing costs on project management by using many tools, specially when outsource talent is hired. Solution: INDIDESK offers a new way to manage projects by creating environment that makes it easier to use tools and connect everyone involved in your project.Prototype available: Estimation tool Competitors: Project management tools (asana, wrike, trello) freelancers platforms (Upwork, freelancers, 99 designes) UVP: Achieve more with lessSeed Round



SiOO:X is a new generation wood treating coating and impregnator.

Made of silicates, adding a preservative component, it is increasing wood´s lifespan up to 5 times longer and bringing an average 65% cost saving. Biocide and VOC-free, it is 100% eco-friendly and can be applied without heating, and over moist or wet Wood. It is patented.

Sioo Wood Protection AB is a 9 year Swedish Company, solidly established and specialized in the development of new technology based on silicates for wood protection.

With a 4M Euro turnover in 2016, a 2,000m3 production capacity, and a 500-distributor network mainly in Sweden and northern Europe, we find ourselves able to realize our vision of establishing us as the prevailing technology, globally.




We offer development tools and services to help other companies in creating embedded products and related online services.

We offer our own Linux-processor modules and ARM microcontroller devices combined with network services.

These services are deployed on elastic computing infraestructure and access using our reactive front-end engines. As a result, ee provide a secure, global access network for latency-critical monitoring and control applications featuring automated configuration and maintenance of embedded devices.


Plus Vitech SL

Plus Vitech SL (PVT) is a newly created innovative SME, which focuses on the development and validation of a new strategy for diagnosis and treatments in cancer.

The cancer is the epidemic of the XXI century. 1 of 3 people will suffer from cancer. With the current treatments, only 40% will survive. Cancer is a very elusive illness: Each type is different and evolves in every person over time.

Our technology is based on a specific protein receptor of the tumor cells. That protein plays an important role in cancer´s cells survival and progression. Furthermore, it is different in tumor and normal cells. These properties offer an opportunity to develop a highly effective and specific cancer treatment and develop a robust diagnostic method.

Kinepict Ltd.

Medical X-ray causes >25.000 new cancer cases annually, while iodinated contrast media is the leading cause of hospital-acquired acute kidney injury and associated mortality.
Kinepict is developing novel method to reduce X-ray exposure and contrast media without sacrificing image quality.

Carbon dioxide X-ray angiography use is limited by poor image quality which can be improved with our technology. We use our technology’s better image quality to reduce X-ray and/or iodinated contrast material dose in X-ray angiography.

The clinical evaluation showed 2.3x better signal/noise ratio compared to DSA (42 patients, 200+ images). Validation of X-ray dose and contrast media reduction ongoing.


Movalyse d.o.o.

Movalyse is Slovenian startup, established in 2014 and has initially developed world’s first smart self-cancelling turn signal system for motorcycles. The solution was developed in cooperation with thousands of drivers which have measured the movement of their motorcycle and sent it together with a video to a central computer for processing and detecting patterns.

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Emprende SDQ

We offer events for entrepreneurs, investors and companies to strengthen the collaborative and networking strategies connecting Dominican entrepreneurs with international markets thanks to the alliance with the European Institute for Entrepreneurship in Madrid and London.


Mobile financial services for banks, telecom operators


The lack of trust for locals have been for years a stop for easy commercial ties. Thus, we are aiming to solve that matter by pre verifying the professionals in their expertise but also enabling a spider web of network between the markets. Of course there is no final solution yet but market is leading the way to fulfill their needs.