Plus Vitech SL

Plus Vitech SL (PVT) is a newly created innovative SME, which focuses on the development and validation of a new strategy for diagnosis and treatments in cancer.

The cancer is the epidemic of the XXI century. 1 of 3 people will suffer from cancer. With the current treatments, only 40% will survive. Cancer is a very elusive illness: Each type is different and evolves in every person over time.

Our technology is based on a specific protein receptor of the tumor cells. That protein plays an important role in cancer´s cells survival and progression. Furthermore, it is different in tumor and normal cells. These properties offer an opportunity to develop a highly effective and specific cancer treatment and develop a robust diagnostic method.

Kinepict Ltd.

Medical X-ray causes >25.000 new cancer cases annually, while iodinated contrast media is the leading cause of hospital-acquired acute kidney injury and associated mortality.
Kinepict is developing novel method to reduce X-ray exposure and contrast media without sacrificing image quality.

Carbon dioxide X-ray angiography use is limited by poor image quality which can be improved with our technology. We use our technology’s better image quality to reduce X-ray and/or iodinated contrast material dose in X-ray angiography.

The clinical evaluation showed 2.3x better signal/noise ratio compared to DSA (42 patients, 200+ images). Validation of X-ray dose and contrast media reduction ongoing.


Master Innovation Achievements

The third main dead cause in Europe and one of the main dead causes in the world, I am talking about the identification methods that sanitary entities use. We will change the sanitary card identification to a finger print identification, this will give to sanitary entities an efficient and an effective tool to identify patients all over the world. “Even if they are unconscious”. Our company has another working area, we touch up the information that sanitary entities and pharmacies have by using a Machine Learning technology and we save it on a Big Data platform. This will give to doctors an effective tool to prescribe medicines based on the value data obtained from the Machine learning process. This is the sanitary system of the future



We solve amputation cases in pets by creating animal prostheses. We already have some prototypes and at this moment we are validating our business model throught lean methodology.


Problem: Tobacco consumption is the single largest avoidable health risk in the European Union. Current solutions for control and reduction are ugly and taboo. Solution: Smokers will become more aware of their smoking habit. We have created Lumer. It’s a smart lighter that has an app that tracks the user’s smoking habit and recharges on the phone. The device syncs via Bluetooth and notifies users so they don’t lose their lighter again. Competitors: Quitbit is our only direct competitor and sells at $129. USP: $139. Investment Opportunity: Lumer is now raising €240.000 capital to fully complete the production line and have it ready to ship, to launch a premium version online and a low-end version on 7-Eleven USA stores for a pilot test.


SiGAme is a new system of electronic records of medication administration, medication stock control (drug circuit) and administrative management for nursing homes at a reduced cost.

Mi Pequeña Fábrica

3D Design and Printing Solutions. Health 3D printing and education. 3D Design of customized products.


SyNoesis Therapeutics LTD

Our goal is to cure Parkinson’s disease (PD).
PD is incurable. 10 million people suffer from PD and rising. US expenditure on PD is US$ 14 billion.

We have developed a novel therapeutic that cures PD in mice. To take it to humans and enter clinical trials, we need to show that our therapeutic does not have side effects. This needs to be assessed by a toxicology study performed by an independent CRO. Provided that we meet this challenge, we have already been expressed funding interest by big pharmas for clinical trials. We seek investors to join in a de-risking 3-round funding strategy for a 2-stage milestone-based toxicology study (1st stage:250K-2nd stage:700k) and then for clinical trials (flexible, given the big pharmas interest).