SyNoesis Therapeutics LTD

Our goal is to cure Parkinson’s disease (PD).
PD is incurable. 10 million people suffer from PD and rising. US expenditure on PD is US$ 14 billion.

We have developed a novel therapeutic that cures PD in mice. To take it to humans and enter clinical trials, we need to show that our therapeutic does not have side effects. This needs to be assessed by a toxicology study performed by an independent CRO. Provided that we meet this challenge, we have already been expressed funding interest by big pharmas for clinical trials. We seek investors to join in a de-risking 3-round funding strategy for a 2-stage milestone-based toxicology study (1st stage:250K-2nd stage:700k) and then for clinical trials (flexible, given the big pharmas interest).

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