PROBLEM: There are no platforms or ecosystems that provide a complete kit of tools and a proper environment to organized and manage a project effectively and efficiently.

Online softwares are useful, however projects lose tracks, communication and productivity, increasing costs on project management by using many tools, specially when outsource talent is hired. Solution: INDIDESK offers a new way to manage projects by creating environment that makes it easier to use tools and connect everyone involved in your project.Prototype available: Estimation tool Competitors: Project management tools (asana, wrike, trello) freelancers platforms (Upwork, freelancers, 99 designes) UVP: Achieve more with lessSeed Round



We offer development tools and services to help other companies in creating embedded products and related online services.

We offer our own Linux-processor modules and ARM microcontroller devices combined with network services.

These services are deployed on elastic computing infraestructure and access using our reactive front-end engines. As a result, ee provide a secure, global access network for latency-critical monitoring and control applications featuring automated configuration and maintenance of embedded devices.



Gestoy es un aplicacion web y movil que ofrece todas las funcionalidades necesarias para la gestion de una empresa de manera interna y con proyeccion al cliente final, conectando todo en tiempo real y ofreciendo la oportunidad a todas las empresas de 0 papel y aglutinar toda su informacion en un solo website accesible desde cualquier lugar y desde cualquier dispositivo.



Helppier is a customer experience tool that allows to create interactive user guides and on-page support content without coding required. Helppier is all about going beyond the traditional online customer service, providing multiple UX solutions. Not only can you create step-by-step tutorials to guide users through any page of your website or web application, but also monitor their behavior, create on-product messages and receive feedback. All this without ever leaving your website.

Since Helppier can be integrated with other on-site tools (internal platforms, FAQs, chat bots, learning courses), it proves to be an effective UX solution for businesses that want to reduce customer service costs and gain more loyal customers.


Visitor Analytics

Our mission is to provide easy to understand web analytics and a friendly user experience for people that are not so tech-savvy. We are doing this by offering a simple analytics solution, installable with a couple of clicks and no code changes needed. 
Visitor Analytics is available on Wix App Market (
Looking for strategic partners to extend the app to multiple builder platforms.



SANTA helps our customers (institutions and individual lecturers) digitalize and deploy their off-line classes into on-line space via automatic publishing technology..



SiGAme is a new system of electronic records of medication administration, medication stock control (drug circuit) and administrative management for nursing homes at a reduced cost.

FamousGadget Lda

FG is an IT base-tech and its main business core is to create disruptive software, such as SaaS, using investment partnerships as support and launch them after gain maturity as Spin-offs.



Hoonter’s product solves the problems and shortcomings that candidates have when engaging in typical HR recruiting process, and in which they find it particularly difficult to relay information about their talent to potential employers because these processes are characterized by i) interaction through a set of limited, suboptimal, ‘traditional’ tools (CV/resume and references/cover letters) and ii) many low-value, ex post, information checking/confirmation activities rather than productive interactions about the added value that the candidate’s talent brings to the job opportunity.




Outvio empowers online shops to ship, manage and return orders like the giants of eCommerce.

Outvio is the key to effortless shipping execution for online shops.

It works painlessly with your current online shop, no coding required. It enables fulfilling orders with premium couriers within minutes of account setup.

With rates previously only available to your biggest competitors. Our intuitive UI allows online shops to manage and compile orders, create shipping labels, track packages and explore our powerful analytics.

In addition, we enable end-customers to process their own returns, all the while giving the online shop total visibility and control over the process.